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Added services

Added services

Employing us as your mortgage broker is just one piece of the property buying journey. Along the way you will need the services of other industry professionals that we can help you source.

These may include:

  • Real Estate Agent (if selling or leasing out a property).
  • Pest and /or Building Inspector – to ensure the property you are planning on buying is free of defects
  • A solicitor/conveyancer to assist you with the property transaction.
  • An accountant if you need financials prepared
  • A Financial Planner – to protect your newly acquired asset (your home) by insuring your income and health

Please feel free to contact us should you require the services of any of the above as we have worked hard to ensure our referral partners are of the highest caliber in reputation and service.

We also have access to the latest property reports (via RP data) helping you research the areas you are looking into. These reports include the latest sales/auction results as well as sales history.